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New Smart Unloading Table For Emmegi Quadra Range

Emmegi has just released details of a new 7500mm unloading table for its Quadra range of cutting and machining centres, which can potentially double the storage area available for machined sections.

Available as option on all four flagship Quadra models (L0/1/2/3), it features sensors and motorised rollers which automatically optimise the cutting and machining schedule to ensure that finished sections are stored on the table as efficiently as possible.

With the new table fitted, the Quadra scans the cutting list to identify the sections which will fit best onto its 7500mm length and ensures that these are processed in the right order.

For example, if one 3400mm section is being machined, it will identify another 3400mm section in the list and move that to the top of the schedule. Then, it will automatically move the first finished section to the end of the table to make room for the second one.

Emmegi (UK)’s Managing Director Ian Latimer says that, for customers, regularly machining short lengths, it means that they can double the capacity of their unloading area and store two sections in the space normally used for just one.

The new table adds another dimension to the already impressive Quadra machine range, which offers cutting and machining in one and can typically prepare profiles up to three times faster than conventional aluminium machining centres.