Ideal machine for high-volume series production when cutting at 90° and 45°. Equipped with 550mm saw blades. Manual positioning with E 190 digital display or automatic positioning with E390/E590 control units. Vertical pneumatic material clamping unit.

Cutting length variants
3.000 mm
4.500 mm
6.000 mm
7.500 mm
Additional lengths on request!


> Manual angle adjustment for each unit, digital

> Additional software for E 590: optimisation program, software module for bevel cuts and oversize length cuts for E 590 and E 390 as standard

> Label printer for variants with E 390 and E 590

> Mobile workpiece support

> Material clamping units

> Transom stop and lead-cut stop

> Extraction system

> Stationary and/or travelling roller conveyor

> Saw blades

> 5.5 kW motors for aluminium machining

> Hydro feed for aluminium machining

> High performance cutting fluid for aluminium machining

> Pulsed coolant system for aluminium machining

> Cycling

Controller variants

> Manual cutting length adjustment with E 190 digital display
Positioning control E 390
PC control E 590


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