Ideal machine for high-volume series production when cutting at 90° and 45°. Equipped with 500mm saw blades. Equipped with E 190 digital display and handwheel adjustment as standard. Vertical pneumatic material clamping unitay digitale E 190 e regolazione del volantino di serie. 

Cutting length variants
3.000 mm
4.500 mm
6.000 mm
7.500 mm
Additional lengths on request!

Manual angle adjustment for each unit, digital
Additional software for E 590: optimisation program, software module for bevel cuts and oversize length cuts for E 590 and E 390 as standard
Label printer for variants with E 390 and E 590
Mobile workpiece support
Material clamping units
Transom stop and lead-cut stop
Extraction system
Stationary and/or travelling roller conveyor
Saw blades
5.5 kW motors for aluminium machining
Hydro feed for aluminium machining
High performance cutting fluid for aluminium machining
Pulsed coolant system for aluminium machining
Safety fence

Controller variants

> Manual cutting length adjustment with E 190 digital display
Positioning control E 390
PC control E 590


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