The automatic machining centre for drilling and screwing of metal reinforcement SBZ SF2 consists of an horizontal screwing center with 2 screwing units, a triple drilling unit, a single-tool unit for drilling hinges and horizontal units for drilling montage holes on all frames type Z and L. Optionally it can be equipped with a multi-tool unit for drilling the hinges. SBZ SF2 consists of an automatic magazine with a throughfeed system for profiles up to 3500 mm, complete with gripper movement to block the profile, inside which the metal support of aluminum or iron has already been inserted in place. Thanks to the movement of the gripper, the feeder returns to the start position allowing the loader to prepare the next profile at the same time. In the central part there is a double pneumatic horizontal screwing unit, which can be automatically adjusted vertically and horizontally by software, fixes the metal support with self-tapping screws that automatically reach the machine from a loader; a triple drilling unit to make cremonese handle holes and 2 drilling units for montage holes for frames. The unit is composed of a transverse belts magazine to unload machined workpieces. The machining unit is equipped with a sound-proof cabin in the central operating part. SBZ SF2 can be connected to a SBZ SM machining center in order to obtain a continuous process an optimize plant productivity.

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