CNC 13-axis machining centre, built for milling, drilling and cutting PVC profiles. It can be equipped with contouring module for preparation of PVC profile to the welding with Seamless® technology. SBZ SM is composed by an automatic magazine with a throughfeed system for profiles, complete with gripper movement to block the profile. Thanks to the movement of the gripper, the feeder returns to the start position allowing the loader to prepare the next profile at the same time.

A dimensional control system of the profile section, check if the profile loaded by operator is the correct one according to working job list. The milling module, the cutting module and the contour milling module are located in the central area of the machine. There are 7 or 11 electro-spindles installed on the standard CNC 4-axis milling module, with the possibility of being brought to 9/12 respectively, which allow working on the whole edge of the workpiece, whichever way it faces. The cutting module is equipped with a Ø 500 blade with CNC 3-axis descending movement.

The contour milling optional module operates on 3 CNC axes by a electro-spindle to mill the profile heads faces cut at 45°. SBZ SM also includes an automatic extractor to transfer the workpiece from the cutting unit to the unloading magazine. This unit is composed of a transverse belts magazine to unload machined workpieces of up to 3500 mm in length. The machining unit is equipped with a sound-proof cabin in the central operating part, which, besides protecting the operator, reduces the environmental noise impact. The cabin presents a connection to swarf exhauster (optional). PVC waste and swarf are collected into 2 drawers at the base of the machining module that combined to a belt evacuation system make easier and quicker the cleaning operation.

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