This all-rounder can be used as a fast automatic saw. Maximum machining speeds with the highest quality are delivered by three saw units. Automatic saw with three built-in saw units for cutting profiles to length for window and door manufacturing.

> Work sequence as needed, either from the left towards the right or the reverse
> Infeed with motorised, continuously adjustable gripper
> Lifting function for gap-free loading of the feed magazine
> Profiles are guided on rollers to ensure gentle treatment of the profile and protective film
> Optimised length cutting with no processing waste
> Internal gripper avoids damaging the profiles
> Integrated measuring sensors for residual piece detection
> Outfeed for parts via discharge table
> Industrial PC with Windows operating system


> Outfeed for parts via a belt conveyor protects profiles and offers different capacities. Noise abatement enclosure

> Feed magazine capacity, eleven profile bars
> Profile bar lengths, 500 to 6,500 mm
> Profile cross-sections up to 130 x 205 mm W x H
> Part lengths 300 - 4,000 mm
> Three large saw blades with a diameter of 550 mm
> Three powerful saw motors delivering 4 kW each


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